TERMS OF WARRANTY   - The warranty for Smart Animal Sp. z o.o. products 

I. Standard warranty 

1. Smart Animal Sp. z o.o. (Manufacturer) guarantees that manufactured products are free from manufacturing defects.

2. The warranty period lasts 24 months from the date of purchase of the product with our partner. 

3. The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace the damaged product free of charge in the event of a positive consideration of the complaint, with the reservation that the method of settling the complaint is the responsibility of the Manufacturer. 

4. The manufacturer is not liable for damage to or destruction of the product or its parts resulting from other causes than the defects in them. In particular, he is not responsible for:   

a) any mechanical damage not found on the purchase, including that may occur as a result of improper transport, storage, use (eg wetting, poor maintenance) or as a result of an accident;   

b) natural wear of the product due to exploitation, in particular dirt, differences in the color and structure of the skin, refraction, creases, abrasions, scratches, animal bites, or wrinkles arising during use resulting from the natural properties of the skin;   

c) damage resulting from use contrary to the intended use of the product;   

d) damage caused by external factors independent of the Manufacturer;   

e) defects caused by the Buyer's negligence;   

f) leather damage caused by sunlight, exposure of the product to too high or low temperatures, abrasions, scratches, contact of the product with acids, solvents, possibly other chemical solutions and water;   

g) defects caused by improper maintenance and protection of the product against weather conditions (leather products should not be sun dried, exposed to rain or other severe weather conditions);   

h) dulling, discoloration, scratching of metal elements and plastic components;  

i) wiping of the leather surface at the interface with plastic and metal parts; 

5. In the event of defects occurring within the warranty period, the Manufacturer will repair or replace the article at his own expense. For this purpose, the Buyer should send the purchased product at his own expense to the Manufacturer's address (after contact with the seller - a stationary store or an online store), including the description of the defective product and proof of purchase (copy).   

6. The cost of delivery of the product being complained about and the cost of returning the product to the Buyer if the complaint is not accepted is covered by the Buyer. The costs of delivering the repaired / replaced product are covered by the Manufacturer.   

7. Consideration of the complaint will take place within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product being complained about.   

8. If the Manufacturer finds that the product can not be repaired, the Buyer is entitled to replace the product with a new one, free from defects.   

9. In the event that the advertised product was withdrawn from production, the Buyer has the right to choose any other product from the Manufacturer's offer at a price equal to or higher than the advertised price (when leveling the price difference by the Buyer)   

10. The guarantee for sold consumer goods does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer resulting from non-compliance of the goods with the contract.   

11. Smart Animal Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for the consequences of improper use of the products (products are intended for cats&dogs and not for other animals). Safe fastening used in the collars minimizes the risk of accidental (hooking, suspension) strangulation of the cat (weighing at least 3 kg) under normal operating conditions of the product.   

12. Smart Animal Sp. z o.o. are made by hand from natural leather. The uniqueness of each product results from the production process and is not a disadvantage (in the understanding of the law) of a different leather tone or the shape of leathercraft fittings. The products presented on the website www.smartanimal.com.pl may be slightly different from the final product, which is available from our Partners. Due to the uniqueness of the products, it is not possible to guarantee their repeatability and to guarantee the availability of exchangeable elements in the colors presented on the website www.smartanimal.eu in the long term.

13. Our products are dedicated to pets - please notice that some products have information about maximum of pet's weight.

14. If the Buyer is an Entrepreneur, the parties exclude liability under the warranty   


II. Lifetime warranty  (only for the PRESTIGE collection with exchangeable elements Kets & Dogs)

1. If the product is registered via the website www.smartanimal.com.pl/en based on a unique product number located on the certificate of authenticity and on the product (collar, harness - laser-burnt number), the Buyer (the first end customer) gets the right to Lifetime warranty for the product of Smart Animal Sp. z o.o.   

2. The terms of the Lifetime Guarantee are identical to those of the Standard Guarantee, except for the guarantee period, which in this case is indefinite.       


We always try to please the customer. Complaints will be resolved with due diligence and we will always try to find a solution that satisfies the customer. We want our products to accompany you and your animals for many years. We are sure of the quality of our products made by hand and materials used by us and we want the customer to feel safe buying the products of Smart Animal Sp. z o.o.  

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